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Privacy Policy

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Under our privacy policy all the data related to query, issues, life problem, telephone numbers, address,
name and other client data are kept in server that are not stated for any sharing with outside world. As
we are from astrology and vashikaran segment and we know what the privacy policy is meant for. We
commit you that we offer astrology services with complete privacy. We use all these information for our
services point of view where we not allow any of the team members to share any information to outside
If we ask for your personal information, we restrict ourselves only to the contract relevant data, we
need to determine the appropriate tariff for you. Calling our websites so-called session cookies are used
to facilitate your navigation. These session cookies do not contain any personal data and expire after the
session. Techniques, such as Active-X controls, which make it possible to understand the access
behavior of individual users can not be used. We only collect anonymous usage data for the optimization
of the website.
All these client’s personal information are saved within the server that can only be retrieved on the
request make by respective owner. We uses safeguards and shields while interpretations or while
making use of these information for our services. We do not use any of the client’s or subscribers or
user’s personal data for any of our internal project promotion or for any advert purposes. This
information can only be use for astrology and problem solution services that are requesting by clients
themselves on their consent.


No guarantee is given for the best results to All. Results may vary from person to person, owing to some uncontrollable reasons.
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